Ming Vong

Ming VongMing was born on the 12 th October 1980 in Melbourne and fell in love with Electronic Music @ the tender age of 14 In the suburb of Prahran (1996), Ming became a 12” vinyl junkie, shopping at DMC records and Octave records.

During 1998 (Last year of Secondary school) Ming completed the DMCDJ Introductory course under the tutelage of Phil K – whom introduced Ming to the sounds of New School Breakbeat and encouraged him to drop tracks with vocals (e.g. Francesco Farfa – Touch).

A record by Frankie Bones scared Ming away from DMC records (which was predominantly a House music specialist) so Ming began shopping at Hardware records and was introduced to the sounds of Techno – “and a new force was born”. Ming started partying at raves and clubs, and after seeing Jeff Mills 12/12/1998 – life changed (Slacker – Psychout Thing).

At Welcome 2000 (NYE 1999) Ming was christened as the ‘Chosen One’ by CJ Bolland – “You are Techno, You are Techno…” Production commenced in 2004 after Ming completed his Bachelor of Science degree – purchasing expensive toys from Awave, EBay

During a visit to San Francisco (USA) Ming’s highlight gig was at SlideSF on the 04.09.2014. Another great accomplishment was Ming’s debut release (Melbourne EP on Modern Soul Records – Milan, Italy) in January 2015.