Shane (Tigger) Barret

Shane ‘TIGGER‘ Barrett started in the Melbourne underground in 1997 shuffling at the best raves and party’s.
Before long he wanted to become more involved with the running aspect of the scene and started as a promoter for Hard Kandy.
Shane also worked for Bass Station gaining the sort after position of “Promotion Manager” which opened the doors to his involvement with most of Melbourne’s rave and rave club scene.

With such a passion for music it was only time before he too the next step and was behind the turntables which he did in 1999.
A love for Hard House and Hard Trance, driving baselines and electro he create something unique every that just make you wanna bounce to his tunes.

Tigger is one of those few with a multitude of talent and depth of knowledge in music making his
versatile and capable of playing many genres with perfection including Psychedelic Trance, Techno, Acid and Old Skool.

Shane has played at so many parties, events and clubs over the years and has truly earned his striped as one of Bass Station’s most experience and best!

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